Classes, Electives & Other Learning Resources

At HSHMC, we encourage, support and challenge our family of students to be the best they can be, especially when it comes to their education and academic performance. We expect our students to exceed high school graduation requirements determined by California Education Code (section 51225.3), as well as A-G requirements determined by California State University and the University of California for freshman admissions.

The following is an example of what a typical core program for an HSHMC high school student looks like:

Grade History-Social Science English Science Mathematics Health Sciences
9 US History and Public Health English 1 Anatomy and Physiology Math 1 (Algebra 1 or Geometry) Intro to Health Careers; Hospital Job Shadowing
10 Modern World History and Geography English 2 Biology Math 2 (Geometry or Algebra 2) Introduction to Public Health; Social Inequity in Health Care; Hospital Practicum
11 Government and Economics English 3 Chemistry, Genetics, or Physics and Engineering Math 3 (Algebra 2 or Statistics or Calculus) Biology, Psychology, or Public Speaking; Hospital Internship I
12 Integrated Arts English 4 Chemistry, Genetics, or Physics and Engineering Math 4 (Statistics or Calculus) Biology, Psychology, or Public Speaking; Internship II

Class Requirements

HSHMC students will study a world language for a minimum of two years before graduation. These, and a number of advanced courses (health, science, technology, etc.), will be available through our partnership with community colleges and some may be offered online as well. Physical education (P.E.) requirements will be met through personal fitness plans developed by students with staff, and may include P.E. electives, clubs, teams, and other sports alternatives.

Math Placement Policy

As described by the declarations in Section 1 of Senate Bill No. 359, a student’s ninth grade mathematics course placement can have a profound impact on that student’s future, including (but not limited to) college readiness, career opportunities, access to advanced math courses, and self-confidence.

It is for these reasons that the governing board of Health Sciences High & Middle College has decided to only offer high school level mathematics courses to incoming 9th grade students. All grade 9 students will be placed into the same high school level course: Integrated Math 1. All students will have access to the same Common Core State Standards-aligned curriculum, with multiple levels and modes of support and enrichment offered within the course, for the purposes of differentiation. This equitable placement provides all students the opportunity to progress through a complete sequence of high school math courses. Further, this sequence allows multiple opportunities for students to attend college-level math courses beginning in the 11th grade.

As part of this class, 30 days into the semester, student grades and the first course competency will be reviewed to ensure that the placement is appropriate. If a parent questions the placement of a student, that parent will be invited to meet with the math department and principal. If the parent does not find the response satisfactory, the parent will be offered a meeting with the Vice President of Faculty Affairs within 48 hours.