Technology at the School

We believe that every student deserves total access to the latest educational technologies, to give them the resources they need to perform at their best.

Need a computer?

Computers 2 SD Kids is a non-profit organization that provides desktop, laptop, or tablet devices to families who qualify through their application at no cost.

Need Internet at home?

Cox Communications serves San Diego County with their Connect2Compete program, which provides low-cost broadband access to families.

Families are encouraged to apply on their own or seek help from the technology team at Health Sciences High and Middle College.

Grades and Attendance Information

PowerSchool is our system of tracking absences and tardies as well as individual schedules, assignments, and grades for students. Students and Parents/Guardians may access their personal PowerSchool records by going to PowerSchool and entering their personal usernames and passwords. The usernames and passwords for students will be issued after the first week of school. The usernames and passwords for Parents/Guardians will be sent home soon after.

Student Work and Assessment

  • As part of our effort to augment and extend our instructional time, space, and control over access to course materials and activities, we have adopted the Canvas Learning Management System as our platform for course development and dissemination. Students may access their Canvas classes and other learning tools by navigating to Clever and using their Google Apps account information to login.

  • Google Apps for Education is a productivity suite consisting of web applications that create an environment for students to complete their independent work while connected to a virtual learning community. Students have their own username and password to access their Google accounts from any Internet-based computer.
  • HSHMC curriculum integrates teacher Canvas classes along with other online content to enhance student learning and assessment. Students and Parents/Guardians will see assigned online activities in several courses. While students (and Parents/Guardians) may access course websites from any computer, we encourage the use of iPads, laptops, or other mobile devices to access these resources to further engage their course content. We encourage students to find and listen to podcasts about health and fitness, including those found at:

  • Discovery News
  • Discovery Health Channel
  • Health Politics
  • Medical Minute
  • Health Update
  • The Body Odd
  • Otherwise, Instructors will direct students to specific podcasts and other website resources through Canvas classes or online assignments. Students are assigned a school computer to engage in their learning. The school has adopted a technology use policy which is outlined in the student handbook.


  • Students all have HSHMC Gmail accounts, which can be accessed at Gmail and are for academic uses only.

  • Parents/Guardians may communicate with Instructors using the email information provided on PowerSchool.

Tech Support

By Email

By Phone

(619) 528-9070

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