HSHMC Mission Statement

We created HSHMC as a place where young people could learn about health and healthcare, while receiving a world-class education in a safe and supportive environment. HSHMC is a home away from home, an open door, and a place of rigor and academia – where students earn a diploma that matters. We do what it takes, we do no harm, we set no limits on our potential to learn and grow. Here, we are all family – and we LOVE what we do!

Principle 1: Health & Healthcare

  • We learn skills and apply our knowledge through the lens of healthcare and health careers.

  • We practice and promote the health of our community and its citizens.

  • We assume roles, responsibilities, and advances in promoting health.

 Principle 2: A Home Away from Home

  • Every student has access to personalized learning, and is supported by qualified and caring educators, practitioners, and mentors.

  • This is a place where independence, responsibility, and accountability are fostered and respected.

  • At HSHMC, every student belongs, has a role, contributes, feels safe, and is a respected member of our family. As an academic community, we support and care for each other through conscientious decision-making.

Principle 3: A Diploma That Matters

  • Every student is challenged by a rigorous, well-balanced, standards-based curriculum.

  • Students are actively engaged in learning at school and within the broader community.

  • Each student is prepared for success in college or further study, as well as for employment in a fulfilling career.

  • Our graduates assume responsible and caring roles in their families and communities. They will be known as people who take actions that positively impact their home, community, and the world-at-large.

  • Graduates will be sought by colleges, employers and community groups who recognize their knowledge, skills, and compassion.

  • HSHMC is a place where learning goes beyond the walls of a classroom.

Principle 4: Respect for Oneself, Other People, and the Environment

  • Every individual is recognized and accepted for their uniqueness and beliefs.

  • Here, there is value in every voice, and everyone communicates honestly and respectfully.

  • We seek to understand, respect, and celebrate all the diversity around us.

  • We accept active roles as important members of our pluralistic community.

  • Each student and employee is responsible for their words and actions.

  • We conduct ourselves and treat others with dignity and respect.

  • We care for the environments in which we live, learn, recreate, and work.

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