At HSHMC, we believe all of our students deserve a well-rounded learning experience at our school. Which is why we encourage every student to actively participate in the extracurricular activities, student-run clubs, as well as our Associated Student Body (ASB).

HSHMC 2021-22 Clubs

Art Club: Mondays 11AM (lunch) Room 210 with Ms. E
ASB: Thursdays 11AM (lunch) 104 Lecture Hall with Mr. Hampson
HOSA: Meetings scheduled as needed.
Life Club: Wednesday from 11-11:30 in room 105 with Ms. Hardin
Meditation and Mindfulness Club: Monday 3-3:30PM and Thursday 11:15-11:45AM in room 403 with Mr. Beam
Pride Club: Thursdays 11AM (lunch) Room 210 with Ms. E
Yearbook: Tuesdays 11AM (lunch) and after school Room 210 with Ms. E