Naimo is one of our amazing school counselors! She addresses students’ needs for educational, social/emotional, and developmental support while tailoring her
counseling practices to effectively meet their needs. Additionally, Naimo supports students in need of academic recovery and facilitates several college tutoring labs to assist and encourage students in their college classes. When she begins her AR class, Naimo starts with a social-emotional check-in. As students continue working through their incompletes at their own pace, she is there to celebrate their every accomplishment, track their progress, and guide them in their studies. Naimo also co- teaches a College and Career Explorations class, which is another opportunity to build connections with students and equip them with the knowledge and skillsets to succeed in their high school career at HSHMC and beyond.

“I am proud of all the student and family connections that I have. For the Somali cultural community, I think it’s refreshing to have someone that speaks their
language and strives to support and cultivate their children in their education at HSHMC.”