Julieta is the 11th/12th grade transition counselor, working one-on-one with students through their transition goals. These include aspirations, wants, needs, and connecting students with outside resources in order to provide the best support system to help them accomplish their goals in the near future. She just completed her Master’s Degree this May at SDSU in Rehabilitation Counseling where she needed to fulfill 450 hours of supervised, direct service/support. Because of HSHMC she fulfilled her final round of hours and was able to graduate and continue to help serve our students/community.

Julieta feels proud of all her students and how much they have grown and benefited throughout the transition support services both Julieta and Ms. Fischmann provide. One student that stands out is Daniel! He is one of 20 participants throughout the We Can Work grant who is working as a store associate at a 3-D printing gaming/graphic design studio. He is working on applying to San Diego City College to continue learning and growing in the Graphic Design field with the help of Julieta and Mr Beam.

“I absolutely love working at HSHMC! The amount of support and appreciation throughout the faculty is phenomenal. The family-oriented environment from everyone continues to make my day!” – Julieta