Kasey teaches biology to 9th and 10th grade students. She has invested a lot of time into carefully planning labs for her students so that they don’t miss out on the experiences that engage so many of her young scientists. While at home, her class has analyzed the function of enzymes with the Toothpickase lab, investigated the products and reactants of cellular respiration in yeast using balloons, extracted their own DNA, dissected sheep eyes to understand how studying anatomy helps us determine common ancestry, categorized characteristics of candy to create a cladogram, and explored owl pellets in order to model the flow of energy within an ecosystem.

“Lab activities at home sure are interesting. I am having a lot of fun doing these experiments. Labs are very important in class in my opinion. They give us a chance to have a physical example of an experiment and explore how something works while also being fun and entertaining.”

-Anonymous 9th grade Biologist