Kristen is a new Educational Specialist at HSHMC. She’s currently serving as a case manager for students with IEPs, holding meetings for her students, and working with incoming students and their families. She works closely with so many amazing educators, including Mr. Kennedy and the special education team as they work through out the IEP process. Everyone at HSHMC, including the students, have been so helpful and welcoming! Each day brings new adventures from collaborating with colleagues to supporting students with coursework. Helping students clear their incomplete grades are the top priority for Kristen at this time. As a new staff member, she is eager to build family and student connections.

“I’ve enjoyed both distance learning and in-person learning but truly enjoy working with the students in-person. We learn so much from each other during our time
together and it helps foster a positive relationship with them.”

-Kristen Kosaka

“Just about everyone walks into a job not knowing what to do. Some of us are fortunate to have someone around to lean-on, vent to, problem-solve, and collaborate with. Well, I’m one of those FORTUNATE ONES! Thank you Kristen!”

-Brian Kennedy