Leeza is one of our Student Support staff members and also teaches a Spanish class. She engages students in a variety of ways including giving “brain breaks”, playing music to get students pumped up and excited for the class, and facilitating quick SEL check-ins at the beginning of each lesson.

Leeza enjoys building connections with each of her students and being able to support them emotionally and academically. She is rewarded by witnessing the progress that her students make on a day-to-day basis. Giovanna is one of Ms. Juarez’s stand out students! She comes to AR every day motivated to clear her incompletes. Another stand out is Elizabeth. She arrives to Spanish class ready to “kill it”!

“It’s an honor working here at HSHMC. The atmosphere here is very loving and family- oriented. I constantly feel supported by my coworkers. The fact that I can make an impact in these students’ lives makes everything worth it.” – Leeza J