Ms. Peña has been busy this semester! She supports 5 college courses: Public Speaking (COMM 122), Substance Abuse & Public Health (HED 203), History of Hip Hop Culture (MUS 123), US History: Chicano Perspectives (HIST 119), and Politics & Political Analysis (POSC 120). She loves witnessing the students learn and make connections in each of these courses.

Ms. Peña begins each weekly module with a tour of the course’s webpage, weekly assignments, and announcements. Students are then placed in small groups or independently in break-out rooms. Many of the college courses this semester have required students to demonstrate their
knowledge in writing. Ms. Peña works together with the students to deconstruct the prompts into smaller, more manageable pieces. She also supports students to learn how to approach higher education including things like building relationships with professors and learning what it means when an assignment is “weighted”.

Emma stands out for her performance in Public Speaking. Her poise and confidence shined, and was recognized by her peers and Professor Chambers. In the Hip Hop class, Ms. Peña asked Ezekiel Ayala Beltran if he wanted her to rap an answer to him. He said “no” (with a giggle).