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College Knowledge Series: The Journey Ahead – Preparing to Apply to a 4-year College


Students and Families of the Class of 2022, Please join us for an informational meeting on Thursday, May 20th from 3:00-4:00pm on Zoom for any 11th grade student and parents who are planning or thinking of applying to a 4-year university in the fall.   Join Zoom Meeting     Meeting ID: 894 0165 2566 Passcode: 220644

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Staff Highlight: Julieta Rios – May 13th, 2021


JULIETA PROVIDES WORK EXPERIENCE OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS! Julieta is the 11th/12th grade transition counselor, working one-on-one with students through their transition goals. These include aspirations, wants, needs, and connecting students with outside resources in order to provide the best support system to help them accomplish their goals in the near future. She just completed her Master's Degree this May at SDSU in Rehabilitation Counseling where she needed to fulfill 450 hours of supervised, direct service/support. Because of HSHMC she fulfilled her final round of hours and was able to graduate and continue to help serve our students/community. Julieta feels proud of all her students and how much they have grown and benefited throughout the transition support services both Julieta and Ms. Fischmann provide. One student that stands out is Daniel! He is one of 20 participants throughout the We Can Work grant who is working as a store associate at a 3-D printing gaming/graphic design studio. He is working on applying to San Diego City College to continue learning and growing in the Graphic Design field with the help of Julieta and Mr Beam. "I absolutely love working at HSHMC! The amount of support and appreciation throughout the faculty is phenomenal. The family-oriented environment from everyone continues to make my day!" - Julieta

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Staff Highlight: Leeza Juarez – May 6th, 2021


LEEZA CONNECTS WITH STUDENTS! Leeza is one of our Student Support staff members and also teaches a Spanish class. She engages students in a variety of ways including giving “brain breaks", playing music to get students pumped up and excited for the class, and facilitating quick SEL check-ins at the beginning of each lesson. Leeza enjoys building connections with each of her students and being able to support them emotionally and academically. She is rewarded by witnessing the progress that her students make on a day-to-day basis. Giovanna is one of Ms. Juarez's stand out students! She comes to AR every day motivated to clear her incompletes. Another stand out is Elizabeth. She arrives to Spanish class ready to "kill it"! “It’s an honor working here at HSHMC. The atmosphere here is very loving and family- oriented. I constantly feel supported by my coworkers. The fact that I can make an impact in these students' lives makes everything worth it." - Leeza J

Staff Highlight: Leeza Juarez – May 6th, 20212021-05-06T21:03:38+00:00

May 13 Vaccination Site at HSHMC


May 13 Vaccination Site at HSHMC! We have negotiated with Sharp Healthcare to be one of their pop-up vaccination sites! This means that next Thursday, May 13 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Sharp will be here to give free vaccinations to all of our students aged 16+ and any of your family members that still need to be vaccinated. You can make an appointment right now by using the link below.  Walk-up appointments will also be accepted for our students, families, and community members. Sharp will be administering the Pfizer vaccine. Information about the Pfizer vaccine is available below along with a consent form that will be required for anyone under 18. Those who get their first vaccination here at HSHMC on Thursday will be set up with an appointment to receive the second dose on Friday, June 4. We hope you will take advantage of this amazing opportunity. As you know, widespread vaccination is a critical tool to help stop the pandemic. If you are 16+ you can make your appointment NOW using the link below: Information on Pfizer Vaccine: English | Spanish | Somali Minor Consent Form

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Staff Highlight: Naimo Ahmed – April 29th, 2021


NAIMO PROVIDES STUDENTS WITH A WEALTH OF SUPPORT! Naimo is one of our amazing school counselors! She addresses students' needs for educational, social/emotional, and developmental support while tailoring her counseling practices to effectively meet their needs. Additionally, Naimo supports students in need of academic recovery and facilitates several college tutoring labs to assist and encourage students in their college classes. When she begins her AR class, Naimo starts with a social-emotional check-in. As students continue working through their incompletes at their own pace, she is there to celebrate their every accomplishment, track their progress, and guide them in their studies. Naimo also co- teaches a College and Career Explorations class, which is another opportunity to build connections with students and equip them with the knowledge and skillsets to succeed in their high school career at HSHMC and beyond. "I am proud of all the student and family connections that I have. For the Somali cultural community, I think it's refreshing to have someone that speaks their language and strives to support and cultivate their children in their education at HSHMC."

Staff Highlight: Naimo Ahmed – April 29th, 20212021-04-29T15:29:02+00:00

Staff Highlight: Caleigh Fischmann – April 22nd, 2021


CALEIGH OPENS UP OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR STUDENTS! Caleigh is settling into her role as the Transition Counselor for 9th and 10th grade students and absolutely loving it! She spends a lot of her time meeting with students one-on-one exploring their strengths, interests, and goals for life after HSHMC, as well as making sure that they have the tools and resources to make it all happen. She feels immense privilege getting to witness the students’ exploration and personal growth as they work to develop their plan for success. She has also had a chance to support in the College and Career Exploration class where a recent stand out was Malachi telling her that SchoolLinks, a future career and education exploration tool used often in class, is “actually 10/10 cool!” Recently, Caleigh has been working with Ms. Rios to develop new student job opportunities through the We Can Work grant, which provides students with opportunities to gain skills and meaningful paid work experiences. A few WCW wins from this week: Erika continues to work hard as a TA and an office assistant at a specialized therapy clinic in Kensington, and Tierra has finished applying to the City of San Diego’s Mentorship Program, where she plans to work virtually assisting with the Public Library’s Youth Recreation Program.

Staff Highlight: Caleigh Fischmann – April 22nd, 20212021-04-22T19:23:39+00:00

Staff Highlight: Karen Spadafora – April 15th, 2021


KAREN CONTINUES TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS IN-PERSON AND ONLINE Karen is supporting students during the first phase of in-person learning. She is so excited to meet some of our new HSHMC students for the first time and continue growing relationships! Along with in-person support, she also continues working with our English Learners, ultimately preparing them for the ELPAC. Karen also loves popping into classes and working with students one-on-one and in small breakout groups on a daily basis to help students with their current assignments and to get caught up on any missing assignments. She appreciates the opportunities to meet with her students and their families, where she gets to hear about their aspirations and goals after their time with us at HSHMC. "I am proud of all my students on my caseload and their perseverance throughout distance learning and now transitioning to in-person learning!"

Staff Highlight: Karen Spadafora – April 15th, 20212021-04-15T22:29:27+00:00

Staff Highlight: Mikayla Haywood – April 8th, 2021


MIKAYLA FOSTERS CRITICAL THINKING IN HER CLASS Mikayla co-teaches 12th grade English with Dr. Lapp and receives support from Dr. Ilko. She ensures that students are engaged and learning by checking for understanding and asking students to explain the lesson in their own words to each other. Mikayla uses break-out rooms to meet with students in small groups to help them generate ideas for their writing. Mikayla is extremely proud of all of her students, especially the meaningful discussions they have with their peers. "I want to thank Dr. Lapp and Dr. Ilko for supporting me and providing me feedback as I continue my journey as a first year teacher. I receive the same support from them and the staff at HSHMC as I give to my students and it makes me feel connected to everyone even though I haven't met them in person."

Staff Highlight: Mikayla Haywood – April 8th, 20212021-04-08T17:13:37+00:00

Staff Highlight: Kristin Speck – March 25th, 2021


KRISTIN'S STUDENTS LEARN ABOUT DIVERSITY IN STEM! Kristin teaches Anatomy and Physiology to our 9th and 10th graders. This quarter she welcomed five scientists from a local biotech company, Illumina, to discuss the importance of diversity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). In preparation for the guest speakers, Kristin's students spent time researching and preparing questions on a Jamboard. They had phenomenal questions for the Illumina scientists and represented our Welcome pillar so well! Upon reflecting on distance learning, Kristin is excited for the application of all the tools she can leverage to support teaching and learning, including: digital notebooks, Pear Deck for collecting immediate formative data, and Jamboard to foster collaboration. Ultimately, Kristin is impressed with the success of so many of her students!

Staff Highlight: Kristin Speck – March 25th, 20212021-03-25T21:10:45+00:00
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