March 25th, 2024- Weekly School Bulletin (See Week’s Schedule Here)

3/25 Weekly Bulletin

It is time to register your returning HSHMC student for next year using the link that was recently
sent to your email. Please do so immediately so that we have updated information and
confirmation that your child will be returning to HSHMC next school year. If you need the email
with the registration link to be resent to you, please contact us and we will resend it.
This week will be our last week of school before Spring Break. It is scheduled for April 1 st
through April 5 th . School will resume on Monday, April 8 th .
ASB plays a crucial role in enhancing student life on campus by organizing events, activities,
and initiatives that promote school spirit, community engagement, and student leadership. From
organizing school dances to sponsoring community service projects, our ASB empowers
students to make a positive impact both within our school and beyond. Your generous donations
will directly support the ASB's efforts in organizing events, purchasing supplies, and funding
programs that benefit our student body. By contributing to our fundraiser, you are investing in
the future leaders of tomorrow and ensuring that they have access to the resources they need
to succeed. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.
Your support will also enable us to create memorable experiences for our students and foster a
sense of belonging within our school community. To donate, please visit or scan the QR code. Thank you for
considering supporting HSHMC's ASB fundraiser. Together, we can make a meaningful impact
on the lives of our students and create lasting memories that they will cherish for years to come.
We will be having our Spring Fling dance on April 12th at Kippy’s Center from 6-9pm. Tickets
are $10.
Please join us this Monday, March 25th, for a Family and School Partnership meeting. We will
be discussing our goals, celebrating achievements and showcasing the “grows and glows" of
this current school year. This event will be held at the HSHMC campus at 5:00 pm. Please call
our Family Coordinator with any questions or for further details. (619) 528-9070- EXT 104.