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Staff Highlight: Karen Spadafora – April 15th, 2021


KAREN CONTINUES TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS IN-PERSON AND ONLINE Karen is supporting students during the first phase of in-person learning. She is so excited to meet some of our new HSHMC students for the first time and continue growing relationships! Along with in-person support, she also continues working with our English Learners, ultimately preparing them for the ELPAC. Karen also loves popping into classes and working with students one-on-one and in small breakout groups on a daily basis to help students with their current assignments and to get caught up on any missing assignments. She appreciates the opportunities to meet with her students and their families, where she gets to hear about their aspirations and goals after their time with us at HSHMC. "I am proud of all my students on my caseload and their perseverance throughout distance learning and now transitioning to in-person learning!"

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Staff Highlight: Mikayla Haywood – April 8th, 2021


MIKAYLA FOSTERS CRITICAL THINKING IN HER CLASS Mikayla co-teaches 12th grade English with Dr. Lapp and receives support from Dr. Ilko. She ensures that students are engaged and learning by checking for understanding and asking students to explain the lesson in their own words to each other. Mikayla uses break-out rooms to meet with students in small groups to help them generate ideas for their writing. Mikayla is extremely proud of all of her students, especially the meaningful discussions they have with their peers. "I want to thank Dr. Lapp and Dr. Ilko for supporting me and providing me feedback as I continue my journey as a first year teacher. I receive the same support from them and the staff at HSHMC as I give to my students and it makes me feel connected to everyone even though I haven't met them in person."

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Staff Highlight: Kristin Speck – March 25th, 2021


KRISTIN'S STUDENTS LEARN ABOUT DIVERSITY IN STEM! Kristin teaches Anatomy and Physiology to our 9th and 10th graders. This quarter she welcomed five scientists from a local biotech company, Illumina, to discuss the importance of diversity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). In preparation for the guest speakers, Kristin's students spent time researching and preparing questions on a Jamboard. They had phenomenal questions for the Illumina scientists and represented our Welcome pillar so well! Upon reflecting on distance learning, Kristin is excited for the application of all the tools she can leverage to support teaching and learning, including: digital notebooks, Pear Deck for collecting immediate formative data, and Jamboard to foster collaboration. Ultimately, Kristin is impressed with the success of so many of her students!

Staff Highlight: Kristin Speck – March 25th, 20212021-03-25T21:10:45+00:00

HSHMC Re-Opening Plans and Resources


HSHMC Re-Opening Plans and Resources   Facilities and Safety Plan HSHMC Re-Opening Plan - Board Approved 3-17-21 COVID-19 Guidance Plan Checklist Department of Industrial Relations Cal/OSHA Letter to Parents - 3-13-2021 COVID-19 Decision Tree

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Student Spotlight: Julia and Amal – March 19th, 2021


We are thrilled to announce that two amazing students in our writing club were chosen to present at the San Diego Area Writing Club's Spring Conference! Join us in congratulating Julia and Amal for their beautiful, poignant work. We can't wait to see what you write next!

Student Spotlight: Julia and Amal – March 19th, 20212021-03-22T15:16:50+00:00

Staff Highlight: Dereje Tegaw – March 18th, 2021


DEREJE CONNECTS WITH STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES! Dereje enjoys building relationships with our students' parents and families. He connects with them to share struggles to build support plans and to celebrate accomplishments. As part of the Re-Engagement Team, Dereje collaborates with teachers to determine the best way to motivate students, works with small groups to complete assignments, and is there for his students when they need social emotional support. "I liked how you helped me work on my essays for my class... you have helped me so much and I want to thank you Mr. Tegaw." - Erica  (11th grade) "The best part about working at HSHMC is that every time I have asked for help someone has answered the call. As a rookie, it feels amazing knowing that there are many people I can count on in my times of need." - Mr. Tegaw

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Letter from CEO


Dear HSHMC Family, One year ago, we joined the rest of the educational community and closed our campus in response to the growing threat and unknowns of a new virus sweeping across the world. Since that day, COVID-19 has dominated so much of our private and public lives. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our health and well-being, on our jobs, business and economic stability, and on our relationships and ability to interact with our friends and family. Members of our HSHMC family have lost their jobs, homes and most tragically, lives. The year has been more than hard for each of us, and our heart goes out to those of you who have made the most and ultimate sacrifices. Our students have made it clear that they miss each other, they miss their teachers, and they miss the range of experiences and activities associated with attending school. They miss their classrooms, they miss their internships, they miss afterschool sports, clubs, dances and hanging out together. It seems like forever ago that we were telling students at 5 pm that it was time to wrap up what they were doing and go home! We have spent the year with seniors foregoing prom and 9th graders never entering our building. No one will forget how different the year 2020-2021 has been! And all of us look forward to Fall 2021, when we join the country in expecting we will unlock the doors to schools across the country, including those located at 3910 University Avenue. We are encouraged by the government’s commitment to have enough vaccines available for all adults within months. We appreciate new state and federal resources being provided to schools to support our eventual reopening plans. We are hopeful that more things will feel more “normal” as we move into summer. We keep waiting for the numbers of new infections to fall to safer and safer levels. We know that progress not only depends on vaccines but with our own responsibilities to continue to wear masks, socially distant, stay home when sick and be extremely cautious of large gatherings especially in doors. And with extreme caution, more K-8 schools seem to be in position to reopen in late spring. As for high schools, there are too many unknowns and special circumstances, to make a decision today when HSHMC will fully reopen our campus. We feel we have done better than most to build our virtual and on-line program to meet the educational needs of our students. Why? First of all, our teachers and support staff have risen to the occasion this year. They have invested time, energy and expertise to build effective on-line classrooms and supports. They have embraced new technologies and tools to advance the quality of our on-line classrooms and ensure a level of instruction other schools marvel at. Second, our students have really shown up. Their attendance, engagement and success on-line have reminded us all that when young people are respected and supported, they are capable [...]

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Staff Highlight: Kasey Woollard – March 11th, 2021


KASEY PROVIDES HANDS-ON EXPERIENCES FOR HER BIOLOGISTS! Kasey teaches biology to 9th and 10th grade students. She has invested a lot of time into carefully planning labs for her students so that they don't miss out on the experiences that engage so many of her young scientists. While at home, her class has analyzed the function of enzymes with the Toothpickase lab, investigated the products and reactants of cellular respiration in yeast using balloons, extracted their own DNA, dissected sheep eyes to understand how studying anatomy helps us determine common ancestry, categorized characteristics of candy to create a cladogram, and explored owl pellets in order to model the flow of energy within an ecosystem. "Lab activities at home sure are interesting. I am having a lot of fun doing these experiments. Labs are very important in class in my opinion. They give us a chance to have a physical example of an experiment and explore how something works while also being fun and entertaining." -Anonymous 9th grade Biologist

Staff Highlight: Kasey Woollard – March 11th, 20212021-03-11T22:44:26+00:00

Staff Highlight: Brianna Castellanos – March 4th, 2021


MS. CASTELLANOS KEEPS STUDENTS ENGAGED! Brianna inspires our students, who may want to pursue a career in teaching, in the Education Pathway. Her students have adapted to teaching elementary students in the virtual world, including building digital portfolios and developing online read-alouds. Brianna also takes pride in re-engaging students into the classroom by helping them stay focused and participate in Zoom sessions. Her Academic Recovery class serves as a place for students to get caught up with their work and stay connected. Brianna coordinates the Re-Engagement Team which allows her to build relationships with parents and students hosting bi-weekly meetings with families to support student success. She makes home visits to meet with students who need extra support and encouragement. "Thank you for believing in me and not giving up on me!" - (Anonymous 10th Grade Student)

Staff Highlight: Brianna Castellanos – March 4th, 20212021-03-05T05:34:19+00:00
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